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Star Wars Battlefront

About Battlefront

A fair description of the game

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Product Description

Experience the heat of warfare like never before as a soldier fighting on a huge Battlefield in the greatest conflicts of the Star Wars saga. There are no scripted events or linear paths – the outcome of each battle rests solely with you. Star Wars Battlefront is the first Star Wars game that brings multiplayer battlefield action to life and will immerse you in the heroic conflicts of the Star Wars saga.



Fight in the greatest battles of the Star Wars universe and experience them as a soldier
Fight as a soldier from one of four different factions: Rebel, Imperial, Clone Trooper or Separatist
Jump aboard the gun turrets as well as the more than 15 different ground and air vehicles found on the battlefield
Online play optimized for up to 16 players
Conquest Mode adds a new dimension to strategic play – Player teams who capture and conquer planets gain specific advantages and are awarded with special bonus abilities that can be deployed in future battles, all in an attempt totake over the entire Star Wars galaxy, planet by planet

Star-Wars Battlefront (Unofficial)